Petite Arvine
Christophe Laurent


Bonjour. Grüezi. Buongiorno. Allegra. Hello. 您好.

Christophe Laurent is a Swiss wine of variety Petite Arvine. Grown since the 1700's the grape makes this wine unique and flavorful. Produced in the city of Sion in the Valais, the character and culture of the growers has played a big role in the grape's quality.

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Sʬ stands for Swiss white wine.

The Christophe Laurent brand name has no relation with anyone named (first name, last name) Christophe, Laurent.

♻ Please recycle glass bottles after use.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Drinking age for wine in your respectful country:

Switzerland: 16*
United States: 21*

*This information varies from country and region and should not be taken as an official statement of the legal drinking age.
Please visit your country's information services for more details and additional information.


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